Margins aren’t uh, what?

Photo of Craig PremoWhy am I starting this site? It’s a way to quell the voices in my head, basically. Before you get the wrong idea, let me explain. As a career marketing and sales exec, I’ve been formulating some opinions and thoughts about marketing and branding for some time. Margins Aren’t Marginal is a way for me go get those thoughts down on paper, so to speak, and get them out into the world. Here you’ll see a mix of some new articles with a few older ones that I think stand the test of time.

So what about the title, Margins Aren’t Marginal? That came out of a discussion I had with my wife, Jennifer, about how for so much of what we were trying to accomplish in our personal and professional lives, small, incremental steps ended up making a big difference. Whether it was keeping weight off, getting in better financial shape, or achieving a professional milestone, we have found executing a small series of steps sequentially is key, rather than trying to make a big leap.

Hopefully the ideas contained here will resonate with you, and I encourage you to add your perspective. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

– Craig Premo